About Us

Being born and raised in San Francisco and I developed a desire to create stuff early in my career. Woodworking feels natural. Currently, I design and create unique wood models, fixtures, furniture, and cabinets for sailboats, homes, and offices. I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing.

I love constructing, making, and developing, and taking my time to do so so that when it falls together, you can admire my job. I pay great attention to detail, and I trust that the way I feel when I design can be reflected in the final products I make.

When I’m not in a woodcraft store, you will normally find me at home with my three kids. I love the outdoors, poetry, humor, healthy food.

My dream is that I will leave something behind one day by woodworking and leave something with you which can be enjoyed for years to follow.

At smartwoodworkingtools.com, I’m blogging to help woodworkers with the details, tips, and tools they need to make their woodworking plans a reality. Smart woodworking tools have been discussing woodworking concepts and methods with many craftsmen around the world for several decades.