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Let us start from the beginning. So what do you think, what is a jigsaw? Well in simple words it can be said that a saw uses a reciprocating blade to cut unknown or you can say irregular curves like many designs in wood, metal, and other materials. A jigsaw works only by attaching a blade to the tool. There are various types of blades in the market and each blade is made for a specific material is you have to buy the blade checking whether or not it is sharp and strong enough to cut. And there are many other factors for blade selection such as tooth spacing, tooth shape, cutting angle, etc which will be discussed later in this article. We will even talk about “how do u keep a jigsaw blade straight?” and will give you show you the best jigsaw reviews & guides.

Best Jigsaw Reviews in 2022

 Let me first tell you about the top 10 best jigsaws (power tool) which I found helps to make your work, even more, easier compared to others.

  1. DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt Cordless Jigsaw
  2. Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw
  3. DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Jigsaw
  4. Makita JV0600K Top-Handle Jigsaw
  5. Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 Jigsaw
  6. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6 Amp Orbital Jigsaw
  7. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select 5.0 Amp Jigsaw
  8. Ryobi One+ P523 18-Volt Cordless Jigsaw
  9. SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
  10. Tacklife 6.7 Amp Jigsaw

If you are looking for the best jigsaw to buy in 2022, then I would suggest you buy DEWALT DCS331B because it is powered by a 20-volt lithium battery for cordless versatility. It has a variable speed control of up to 3000 SPM and has keyless blade changes. It also includes 4 orbital actions.


  • It is a well-designed tool with plenty of power and battery life.
  • Changing the blade is very easy as is setting an angle on the foot.
  • Includes a blower that sawdusts from the cut.
  • The battery runs for a long time.


  • Would not hold the blade locked in.

Overall, I think that it is also the best jigsaw for woodworking. And I highly recommend you try this wonderful product.

Types of Blades:

There are different blades made for different materials, so you need to know which blade to use. There are various types of blades in the market:

  • “Blade edge” for cutting soft materials.
  • Cranked blades help to overcome the setback of the blade and allow flush cutting.
  • Thin blades allow tighter curves to be cut.
  • Push stroke cutting blades to prevent any damage to the top surface.

How To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Straight Lines?

So if it is your first time using a jigsaw, a question will arise in your mind, “how do u keep a jigsaw blade straight?” well, to keep the blade straight and give a straight cut, one must keep a couple of factors in mind:


there are various types of blades made for different materials. One needs to choose an appropriate blade between the rip cut and the crosscut blade.  There is a possibility of one getting off scot-free with the combination of the blades but they are much choosey on materials.

Drawing A Straight Line: 

Rip cut and crosscut can be done by a jigsaw. Therefore, one might need a measuring tape or a ruler.

Buying Guide: 

Before spending your hard-working money on a jigsaw, you must consider some factors that will help you get the best jigsaw (power tool):

1. Orbital Action:

The orbital action changes the path of the blade when cutting. The blade can move straight up and down, which will mean there is no orbital action, or at higher orbital settings, it will move in a sort of lazy loop driving itself forward into the material with each stroke. There are advantages to both settings. Having no orbital action will help us get a cleaner more precise cut but is slower. With the orbital action set, the jigsaw will cut more quickly but leaves behind more tear-out.

2. Bevel Capacity and Bevel Adjustment:

The ability to tilt the saw housing is certainly a useful feature when you need it. Some jigsaws do the job better than others. For example, some include preset stops at common angle intervals and include a lever for quick adjustments. Also, they are easy-to-read scales that help ensure you’ve got the saw in the right place and those stops will help you to take nearly all the fuss and worry out of some of your cuts.

3. Variable Speed: 

This is a small thing but can make a huge difference depending on your level of comfort and skill. Variable speed is really simple in that it allows you to fine-tune the speed of the blade based on how much you squeeze the trigger of the saw. This particular feature is dependent on the person using it.

4. Laser Guide:

While they sound cool and are fun to brag about, I haven’t personally found them more than slightly useful for setting up a cut initially. On curved cuts, the laser guide is even less useful. Not only are they just nominally accurate, but once I’ve begun cutting, I’m too focused on paying attention to the guide on the shoe or my cut-line to be able to use the laser.

5. LED Light:

As opposed to lasers, this is a feature I can get behind. An LED work light is a small flashlight on the saw that turns on when the trigger is engaged even a little and shines the light right where it’s needed. This makes seeing your cut-line significantly easier if you’re in any place other than outside on a sunny day. It helps you to work even in dark conditions with high accuracy.

6. Dust Blower:

The dust blower is exactly what its name says it is, it blows the dust away that collects ahead of the saw when you’re cutting. So it helps to remove any specks of dust from the material.

7. Vibration Reduction:

it’s best to reduce the amount of vibration that will reach your hands, will be more comfortable to use, and can provide the benefit you in the long run.

A jigsaw is a fantastic tool and it is versatile. If a jigsaw is what you need, then you need to spend more time considering how you will use the tool and how often you will use it. And make sure you use it properly and carefully to get the best performance from the best jigsaw. Hope that this article cleared your questions about jigsaws and what are the Best jigsaw reviews & guides.


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