How To Use A Jigsaw?


What Is A Jigsaw And How To Use A Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is a huge blessing for carpenters. A jigsaw is primarily a woodworking tool. It was invented in 1947 by an Engineer in Switzerland. Not only for carpenters, if you are someone who likes to create and design your own furniture, doors, windows then a Jigsaw will save a lot of your time and energy. It was made to make life easier. Here I will let you know how to use the Jigsaw, and what Jigsaw actually is. Also, I will guide you on how to buy the best Jigsaw in 2022.

What Are The Uses Of Jigsaw?

Apart from wood, It’s can also cut precise curved lines of a variety of other materials like plastic, metals, ceramic tiles, steel, and many more. Also, they can be used to make plunge cuts and also in 45-degree angle cuts. But it depends on the type of jigsaw.

This is a very powerful tool. It would have been impossible to do such artistic designs within just a few minutes. Before the invention of Jigsaws people used instruments that were very inefficient. It took them hours to complete a task and sometimes even days. But It has made things a lot easier.

The Basic Parts Of A Jigsaw

How to use a Jigsaw?

  • Shoe

The shoe is very strong because it needs to withstand the high force and the vibration created by the blade during working. You can change the angle of the blade to cut the material in angles.

  • Blade

The blade is the most important part of a Jigsaw. Blades are available with varying numbers of teeth to produce different finishes. The type of blade installed in it will determine the materials it can be used to cut.

  • Blade Clamp

The blade clamp holds the blade in position. There are two to three screws to hold the blade and loosen it when needed.

  • Blade Clamp roller

They improve the quality of the cuts by supporting the blade. Hence giving a straighter and finer cut.

  • Orbital Action Dial

This is also another important feature which most of the Jigsaws have. When the orbital action is activated, the blade is moved forwards and backward
as well as up and down, resulting in a more aggressive cut.

  • Speed Control Dial

As the name suggests, helps to control the speed of the Jigsaw.

  • On and off switch

Giving pressure on the switch will raise the speed of the Jigsaw to the speed dialed in the Control Dial…

  • The Lock-on Button

This helps to lock the Jigsaw at a fixed speed. So that you don’t have to use them on and off switches every time. This helps during prolonged work.

  • Power Cord

This depends on whether you have a cordless or corded Jigsaw.

  • Handle

Every Jigsaw has a handle, which allows comfort and helps to guide the tool along with the cut.

What Are The Key Aspects That You Need To Consider When Buying A Jigsaw?

  • The SPM

The first thing that you need to check is the SPM, Strokes Per Minute. The ability to vary the speed of it is common, even in the least expensive models that also have this ability. But the thing you need to check is the maximum SPM. Usually the higher the maximum SPM the more expensive the Jigsaw. A jigsaw of 3000 SPM, for example, the one in the Black and Decker Jigsaw, is considered a good one.

  • The Amps Of The Motor

The strength of it is determined largely by the Amps of the motor. A less expensive one will have a 4-5 Amps Motor, while an expensive one will have a 7 amps motor. The better the Amps of the motor the more efficient the Jigsaw will be. But it mainly depends on the type of work you
will do with it. If the workload is heavy then you will need a motor with higher Amps.

Corded Or Cordless?

Now, this totally depends on you. If you have a continuous mains supply at your workplace then you should buy a corded one. If you have no mains supply, no you want a portable one then you have to buy a cordless one. But then again, batteries aren’t exactly lightweight, so a battery-powered jigsaw is much heavier, so you are exhausted by the time you finish your work.

  • The Stroke Length

Yes, when everything else is the same, a Jigsaw with a longer stroke length can make deeper and faster cuts through tougher materials but the one with the short-stroke length will take more time. But also with a shorter stroke, the cuts will be more precise.

  • Orbital Cutting Options

Some of the Jigsaws lack this property. Not only up and down, but mostly it is can move back and forth as well. This gives an extra advantage over the one with only the straight-cutting options.

In addition to all this, a recent Jigsaw model will have a laser light, a dust blower, a speed control dial, and an adjustable base plate to make life easier. These are my best Jigsaw reviews and guides which will help you to buy the best Jigsaw available in 2022.

How Does Jigsaw Work?

Here is the thing, many customers don’t know how to use the Jigsaw correctly and hence they can’t use it efficiently. You have to know how it works, otherwise, it will be a total waste of money and you will regret buying it. However, if you know the right techniques of how to use it, you can do things beyond your imagination. And don’t panic if you don’t know how to use it. Because I’m here to guide you and share some of my tips and tricks on how to use a Jigsaw.

  • First, wear a dust mask and goggles before using them.
  •  The most important is to choose a blade. This determines the type of materials you can cut. Make sure your Jigsaw is unplugged before changing the blade. With the help of a blade clamp, you can position the blade correctly. The blade you have to choose depends on the shape of the cut and the material you are cutting. For example, for cutting metal you need a metal blade.
  • Wrap the cables around your arms.
  • Work slowly and let the blade do the work.
  • Change the speed accordingly.
  • And finally, if you know the function of each part mentioned above then surely you won’t have any further problems.

To sum up, it is an amazing modern invention. The tool was quickly recognized as a much safer and easier-to-handle alternative to the circular saw. These factors, in addition to its versatility, led to it becoming very famous. Also, whichever one choice if you know how to use a Jigsaw? then it will undoubtedly make your life a lot easier.

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